Olive Branch (2022)
Acrylic on canvas board, 50 x 40 cm.

Exhibition view: Stuart Brisley at LUNGLEY Gallery, London (2022).

8 into 1 (2022)
Acrylic on gesso on birch ply, 56 x 76.8 cm.

R Y Sirb Curator of Ordure (2022)
Acrylic on archival paper, 56 x 76.8 cm

Palettes from The Museum of Ordure 14/08/2020 – 16/04/2021 Completion.
Acrylic and golden acrylic medium on linen, 50.5 cm x 40 cm.
Included in the group exhibition 175 Wardour Street at Lungley gallery, 2020.

Exhibition view: Stuart Brisley Recent Paintings from the Museum of Ordure at LUNGLEY Gallery, London.

From The Museum of Ordure: In position / Imposition (2020)
Acrylic on paper, 55 cm x 76 cm.

State Occasion from The Museum of Ordure (2020)
Acrylic and graphite on paper, 67 cm x 101 cm.

Palettes from The Museum of Ordure 2020
Acrylic on gesso on canvas, 92 cm x 122 cm.

Heads from The Museum of Ordure (2020)
Graphite on paper, 70 cm x 105 cm.


The Stuart Brisley Interviews : Performance and its After-Lives

This series of interviews, held by curator and writer Gilane Tawadros are focussed entirely on Stuart Brisley’s practice and directed by him. The artist’s narration of his practice demonstrates an unswerving resistance to controlling the narrative or fixing the meaning of his works. Citing the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, Brisley emphasises the critical importance of error to the creation of his performances: ‘You can say what you’re going to do, you can think about it, you can prepare it, and then when you start, it’s all disappeared because it’s actually meaningless... errors make for where the key value lies.’ The enduring resonance of Brisley’s work lies in its formless and slippery characteristics that resonate so poignantly with our shared human condition.

Published by Book works; 2020. Co-Series; 128 pages; 170 x 220 mm; 1,000; ISBN: 978 1 912570 0 96


RRP £17.50

Beyond Reason: Ordure
‘Dirt is universal, a-historical even. Homogeneity at ground level, mediated by the universal glue of sputum and excreta. Differentiated at the surface by the droppings of local and global consumption, the deposits of fast food, broken furniture, news media debris, plastic bags, condoms, sanitary towels, cigarette butts, betting slips, syringes etc.’ − Stuart Brisley

This is a book about ordure in all its manifestations − shit, dirt, trash, waste, pus, pollution and dogma. The fictional Collection of Ordure is the central object, its curator, collector and artist the main characters. Why amass a collection of objects that defy rationality and economic worth? At the very nub of global capitalism, a nebulous but omnipresent stench that pervades everything, ordure is the final commodity. Influential performance artist, Stuart Brisley, has constructed a perverse narrative that takes us through the silt of commonly recognised social order. We discover a world inhabited by Louise Bourgeois’ leg, Stakhanov’s finger, an albino snake, and the Berlin Wall. Language rots, reason implodes, time stutters and people burst into song in this exploration of the competing ideologies of West and East. A fused novel, Beyond Reason: Ordure is a book of scattered imagery, obsessive motifs, and the griminess of reality.

Published by Book Works. Beyond Reason: Ordure; 2003; Contributors: Martin, Craig (ed.); Document; Performative; Experimental writing; Offset printing; Black & white; Full colour; 136 pages; Soft cover; Design: Valle Walkley; 197mm x 128mm; Edition of 1,500 copies; ISBN: 978 1 870699 69 3

RRP £10.95