KATABASIS journey to the underworld
Maya Balcioglu
25th May - 8th July 2023

Private view 25 May 2023, 1 - 8 pm
The artist will be present 5 - 8 pm

Press Release
Works List


Maya Balcioglu and Lungley Gallery would like to thank Arrigoni Architects, Dylan Shipton Framing, Agnese Sanvito Photography and Eral Metal in the realisation of this project.

Skin Tondo (interior), 2023
Buffalo skin, ink
Work 72 cm dia. Frame 83.5 cm dia.

Torso (2023)
Fabric, latex, paper, acrylic paint
110 cm x 67 cm

42 quads (2022)
Burnt cotton, fabric dye, ink
142 cm x 123 cm