I don’t like broccoli (but I’ll try anything once)
Elizabeth Prentis
Curated by Siannon Saunders

09 August  - 31 August 2019
Performance 9 August 2019, 8pm.

A surreal landscape shows broccoli intermingling with breasts, legs and feet, hot pink bleeding across the canvas. 

I don’t like broccoli (but I’ll try anything once) is a performance piece within an interactive installation that explores sexuality, submission, gender roles and labour by Elizabeth Prentis. For the first time Prentis is taking a pre-existing painting and realising it as a highly physical performance, creating anticipation for the viewer, re-contextualising the original work and giving it new agency beyond it’s original function. 

The one-night only performance at LUNGLEY combines installation, performance and karaoke, bringing to life the original painting from which this show was inspired. For the remainder of the show, guests are invited to explore the surreal and sexual performance environment and interact, reimagine and reinterpret the space for themselves.

The exhibition is curated by Siannon Saunders and an accompanying publication is available to purchase at the gallery.

Elizabeth Prentis (1993, UK) lives & works in London, (UK). She has a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. Recent exhibitions include Jelly Flip 1 at ABSINTHE §2, BAGGAGE at Take Courage Gallery and FANDOM at Bones and Pearl Studios. Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of D.I.YNOSAUR.

Siannon Saunders (1991, UK) lives and works in London, (UK). She has an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. She has recently taught on SSA Art History, Criticism & Communication at Central Saint Martins.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.
Broccoli boys: Wrudy Toti (cranking the hoist), Jonny Collin (keyboard) and Gavin McPhail (violin); Joseph Whalley for organising the live stream and filming the performance; the Haggerston pub and all the staff; Lucia Pajon (photographer and camera woman); Ekaterina Lukasheva (live streaming via instagram); and last but not least Holly Caldecourt for all her help and support.

I don’t like broccoli (but I’ll try anything once) (2019)
Performance at Lungley Gallery, London.