Rian Coughlan

Rian Coughlan’s work is primarily concerned with the collection and manipulation of mediated imagery. Sourced from a diverse range of arenas and eras, these images often sit uncomfortably together. Methodologies are formed to bring divergent pictorial elements contained within these images together. Essential reference points are disguised or reinforced; either to highlight the homogeneity of these images, or conversely to disguise evidence of their original intention. These images are then reconstructed, primarily as paintings.

Through the painting process, formal pictorial relationships between these images are heightened creating a dense web of collective associations. The implicit narratives formed by these actions are permeated by ambiguity. The undisclosed significance of places, times and situations, highlighted by the lack of contextual information, locate these narratives anachronistically in a past/future or future/past, or perhaps outside our chronological framework.

LUNGLEY Exhibitions:
Upcoming: daysaideadhead
07/06/19 - 30/06/19
PV 05/06, 6-9pm