Rian Coughlan

Coughlan’s work is created by overlaying image and paint, each unique layer representing a distinct history in terms of content, form and materiality, resulting in a gestural surface burnished with shimmering strata of thick pigment that resemble smooth slabs and tie-dye, their facture near tangible to the viewer. The surfaces of the works trigger chromatic vibrations and optical misconceptions. Multiple perspectives and after-images emerge and recede with tributaries feeding and looping back into one another, giving rise to a new and complex visual lexicon, rooted in the canon of abstract painting

Rian Coughlan (b. 1981, Cork). Lives and works in London. Coughlan studied at the Royal Academy, London (2013-2016). Recent exhibitions include STRIPES, SHAPES AND POSSIBLY SNAKES (solo), Chalton Gallery, London, 2019; Night Out, Chalton Gallery,London, 2018; Royal Academy Degree Show, RA Schools, London, 2016; Premiums Interim Projects, The Royal Academy, London, 2015; A Union of Voices, Horatio Jr., London, 2014-15; Forced Exposure, The Black Mariah, Cork, 2013; Perp (solo), The Black Mariah, Cork, 2013; Difficult Walking (solo), The Black Mariah, Cork, 2011; Salon 2011, Broadstone Studios in collaboration with The Black Mariah, Dublin, 2011; Terminal Convention, Cork Airport, Cork, 2011.

LUNGLEY Exhibitions:
Upcoming: daysaideadhead
07/06/19 - 30/06/19
PV 05/06, 6-9pm

Rian Coughlan: daysaideadhead - Press Release

Install shot: Rian Coughlan: daysaideadhead at LUNGLEY Gallery.
Photography courtesy of Agnese Sanvito

Day’s Said (2019)
Oil, oil bar and oil pastel on linen, (180cm x 260cm).

Stripes 2 (2019)
Oil, oil bar and oil pastel on linen, (40cm x 50cm).

Rectangles (2019)
Oil, oil bar and oil pastel on linen, (40cm x 50cm).

Stripes (2019)
Oil, oil bar and oil pastel on linen mounted on board, (31cm x 41cm).