Jack Killick: Collapse (2016-18) at LUNGLEY GalleryJack Killick
Collapse (2016-18)

Plaster, cardboard and scrim.

Dimensions variable.

Jack Killick Press Release

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Ahead of his first solo exhibition at LUNGLEY opening in February 2019, Jack Killick's sculpture Collapse (2016-18) is currently on show in the coal bunker turned project space at the gallery.

Collapse has been exhibited in three different locations beginning it's journey at Trinity Buoy Wharf, before moving on to Block 336 in Brixton for New Contemporaries and on to Burlington Gate, a new office and residential development in Mayfair featuring a permanent exhibition space for recent graduates from the Royal Academy Schools. Collapse was the first work to be exhibited in the space.

Each time the work is installed, it is slightly altered in its configuration in response to its surroundings. Killick says 'I see it as many separate objects that are brought together to seem like an indeterminate mass of architectural fragments, collected and condensed or repurposed'. LUNGLEY Gallery is delighted to be a part of this works journey.