Harley Kuyck-Cohen

Harley Kuyck-Cohen explores the shifting territories between public and private space by introducing a range of important questions surrounding materiality.

Working across a range of different media including sculpture, architecture, installation and time based assemblages Kuyck-Cohen questions the politics of living. The home and the vernacular practices that take place from within are at the forefront of this drama.

Harley Kuyck-Cohen CV

Harley Kuyck-Cohen: Rat Box Assemblage (2018)
Wood, Vinyl, Found Objects, Paint, Bird Spikes, Filler, Correx, Cardboard. 50x150x110cm.

Façade (2019)
Assemblage; Wood, Paint, Filler, Foam.

Allotment (2019)
Assemblage; Concrete, Foam, Wood, Sand.

You and I Are Earth (2018)
Assemblage; Mannequinn, Clothing, Bird Spikes, Dish Cloth, Paint, Fabric, Plaster, Jemonite

Fox (2019)
Assemblage; Awning, Foam, Paint, Filler.

Shed (2018) [installation shot]
Cyanotype on Board

Shed (2018)
Cyanotype on Board

Sleeper (2019)
Assemblage; Papier-mâché, Paper Pulp, Chicken Wire, Fabric, Plastic Wrap.